Chronic Kidney Disease – How To Reverse Kidney Disease Naturally

by Lisa Martin

For those suffering from chronic kidney disease, there is a new breakthrough kidney disease solution that is getting some incredible (reported) results. This program was developed by Australian Naturopath and Researcher, Duncan Capicchiano. If you’re serious about reversing your kidney disease and getting your life back, this is a program you will want to investigate.

Learn More About This Kidney Disease Solution Here

This new program provides a step-by-step method proven to start healing your kidneys from day one. I was a bit skeptical at first, but after digging a bit deeper into his program and reading through testimony from those who have used this method, I think this is something that anyone with kidney disease should try, whether you have minor kidney function issues, chronic kidney disease or even stage 5 (renal failure). Especially since this is a completely natural solution with no negative side effects.

It is certainly known that with an expert naturopath is the best way to get an accurate diagnosis, cut through the myriad of mis-information and achieve permanent recovery for impaired kidney function and lead a more comfortable life if you have kidney failure.

The Kidney Disease Solution (according to the creator as well as testimonials) is reported to do the following:

  • Increase your energy
  • Raise your GFR
  • Your appetite will return and so will the color in your skin
  • Help reduce stress
  • Dramatically improve how your urine looks and smells
  • Your red blood cells will return to normal
  • Your breathing will improve … walking will be a pleasure not a struggle
  • Ease the anxiety of planning meals that support healthy kidney function

The program includes a full kidney disease healing program with kidney diet recipes, as well as program support. It is reported that those who use this program see results and positive benefits within weeks, and some even within days. Duncan Capicchiano states that within 6-8 weeks people following this program are seeing improvement in the eGFR, Creatinine, and other blood test results.

Here is one of the testimonials from their website…

“my kidney function was at 9%. I was dialyzing Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I didn’t want a kidney transplant… Within 7 weeks my kidney function went from 9% (stage 5) to 16 (stage 4) and… dialyze Tuesday and Saturaday… Then to off dialysis within months!”

It is reported that 1,694 people have now received treatment for chronic kidney disease through this program. They offer a money-back guarantee for a full 60 days, so there is no risk in trying it. With such compelling results reported and the fact that it is a simple to apply 100% natural remedy treatment, this is certainly a kidney disease treatment worth looking into.

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